Thunderbird testing event starting this coming Sunday

Ludovic Hirlimann

The Thunderbird team as been busy fixing, fixing, fixing bugs as well as changing a few things in the UI – notably the way we handle attachments. Today we have our string freeze, that means most features involving strings should have landed before the freeze in order to make it in 3.3 final. I think it’s a good time to chase regressions so the most obvious ones can be fixed before we release 3.3 final. So I’m looking for at least 20 volunteers to sign up for some litmus testing.

If you sign up you should make sure to meet the following requirements

  • Have or create an account on Litmus
  • Have or create an account on bugzilla
  • Have 30 minutes to 1 hour to spend testing Thunderbird (from Sunday 15th of May to Wednesday 18th, 2011)

To sign up just send me an email. I’ll send details instructions before the test begins on what to do, where to report things and where
to get help.

We also need more general testing so if some of you could spend some time running the nighlies over the next few weeks this would ensure a very good 3.3 release.

Thanks in advance for your participation.

ps : those who know, might tell me what they don’t want to test 🙂