Status Update: 2011.19

Anthony Hughes

Just a quick status update today.  I know it’s been a while since I blogged, admittedly due to the usual suspects:

  • 1 week for Mozilla All-hands
  • 1 week for Mozilla QA work week
  • 1 week lost due to flu
  • 1 week lost due to vacation

As it stands right now, it looks to be a tight quarter (cramming 3 months into 2 months).  The following is what I have planned for this quarter (very high level):

  • Continue to develop new Mozmill automated tests and stabilize existing tests
  • Continue to develop resources to assist new community members
  • Continue to assist Firefox releases with a focus on the new rapid release process
  • Drive increased support of community testing

I can go into more detail about the work I have planned, but I’ll refrain from that unless there is enough interest expressed via comments to this post.  Otherwise, I’ll communicate my work by resuming weekly status updates as of this week.