QA on the road


This week, i’m working out of Romania and London with my colleagues Henrik, David, Matt, and Juan.  We’ll ramp up with our Romanian test team to go over some feedback from Firefox 4, as well as plan ahead for Firefox 5 and other upcoming projects.   We’ll also take some time out to celebrate a post-launch party of Firefox 4 in Cluj, as well as organize a QA meetup in London.

Here’s what’s on tap for the week:

May 2-4:

  •  Meet our Romanian QA team,(Softvision), face to face for the first time.
  • Go through feedback sessions on firefox/fennec postmortem talk, QA process and improvement ideas, and planning for upcoming work in Fennec, Firefox, Services, Automation, and Labs
  • Celebrate the post-release of Firefox 4 at a Launch Party in Cluj!   Presentations by Matt Evans and Softvision is scheduled.

May 5-6:

  • Meet up with our London team (Dave and David) and get some planning work done
  • Host a Mozilla QA Gathering event and talk about automation, products, and just overall meeting with our UK community.   I’ll be demo’ing some of the projects my team is working on, such as new features in Fennec, Projects in Services, and some prototypes of Web applications like Firefox Home 2.0 and Open Web Apps.
  • If you’re in the area, sign up for the meetup.
  • Thanks to Dave Hunt for putting this together
  • Lastly, maybe stop by William and Kate’s place for some tea and crumplets.   (wishful thinking)

So if you’re either in Romania or London, please come on out cause i’d love to meet you!