London Tester Gathering with Mozilla

Dave Hunt

Last week several members of the Mozilla QA team were in London, and we took advantage of this by sponsoring one of the regular London Tester Gatherings. We were really keen on keeping it a social/networking event, but also really wanted to show of some of the awesome stuff Mozilla are doing and the challenges that we’re facing in testing.

London Tester Gathering Meetup

Matt Evans kicked things off with a short presentation about Mozilla’s mission, our focus on community and how to get involved, and also introduced the team at the event. Here’s who was we had there:

  • Matt Evans – QA Director
  • Juan Becerra – Desktop QA
  • Tony Chung – Mobile QA
  • Henrik Skupin – Desktop Automation
  • David Burns – WebQA Automation
  • Dave Hunt – WebQA/Desktop Automation
  • Desigan Chinniah (Dees) – Mozilla Labs

My plan was to do ad-hoc demos of automated Firefox endurance tests and add-ons tests, but I ended up spending most of the evening in various engaging conversations about tools, community, web apps, and mobile!

London Tester Gathering Meetup

Of course it wouldn’t be a Mozilla event without some cool swag to give away. We had various shirts, bags, posters, and raffled these off. A cool side-effect of giving out raffle tickets is that you have a good idea of the number of attendees. We handed out tickets to 55 people, and certainly filled the room well!

Congratulations to all of our winners, and thank you everyone for coming along and helping to make it such an awesome event. Thanks also to Tony Bruce for holding the event and helping me to organise it. I’ll be trying to make it to these gatherings regularly, and hopefully Mozilla will be able to sponsor another one in the future!

Check out all of Henrik’s photos of the event.