Results of the Firefox 4 UNCONFIRMED Bugday

Anthony Hughes

Last Friday (April 1st), we ran a bugday focused on testing Firefox 4 unconfirmed bugs. Overall it was a very successful bugday.  We had several people come out to help us either confirm or resolve bugs which had been recently filed against the new Firefox 4 release.  All in all we were able to triage 79 bugs resulting in 9 bugs being confirmed and 34 bugs being resolved.

I’d like to thank everyone who came out to help.  Specifically, I’d like to thank the following people for triaging the most bugs throughout the day:

  • Aleksej
  • Anthony Da
  • Medic
  • Leonard Camacho
  • Atte Kemppilä
  • Thomas Ahlblom
  • Yuri Pimenov

Additionally, I’d like to thank Juan, Marcia, and Kevin from the QA team for helping to organize and moderate this event.

Stay tuned to QMO for our next event on April 21st.

– ashughes