Results of the Aurora 4/22 Testday

Geo Mealer

As promised, here’s a more detailed set of results and thank yous for Friday’s Firefox Aurora Testday:

We had a ton of fun Friday! It was a relatively small group of people due to the international holidays, but everyone worked hard to help us out. We ran 269 tests between five different platforms, and got some great bugs filed and triaged.

Special testday props go out to Shoshan, who went exploring above and beyond the test plan to uncover some tasty Javascript prompt misbehavior in Bug 652226.

Many thanks to Shoshan, bugcuddler, sunveer, Aleksej, hmasoud, AnthonyDa, lcamacho, Palli, Pardus, mohamedgamal, fuogo, and Gaby, as well as anyone who stopped by Litmus and performed a testrun without popping into #testday. Your help is much appreciated!

We’ll look forward to seeing you next Testday. Keep an eye on QMO for details!