Results of the Mozmill Crowd Testday

Anthony Hughes

Last week, on Friday, we held a testday for the latest version of the Mozmill Crowd add-on, Firefox 4, and Endurance tests.  The testday was quite successful with testers coming out to help us test the latest in MozillaQA automation tools. Here is a few highlights from the testday:

  • 11 General testruns across 3 locales producing over 1409 results
  • 11 l10n testruns across 7 locales producing 44 results
  • 331 Endurance testruns across 9 locales producing 13,964 results
  • 9 bugs found

Thanks to our community of testers, we now have a lot of test data which is valuable to identifying bugs and improving the quality of Firefox.

A special thanks goes out to Aleksej, Anders, lcamacho, Gaby, tonymec, and RaulM for their help and testing.

More information about the testday results can be found here.

Hope to see you all at the bugday on Friday.