Results of the Firefox 4 add-ons testday

Henrik Skupin

Last Friday we held an add-ons and Add-ons Manager related testday, which was kinda special because it was the first time we have injected automated test-runs in a normal Firefox 4 testday. A couple of participants were immediately interested in running those Mozmill endurance tests. Finally 16 people have been actively participated. Congratulations go to pxbugs, Aleksej, and bytehead who were the top testers during the day.


  • Activity on 24 bugs
  • 52 endurance reports were submitted, with a total iteration count of 3,522.
  • 23 add-ons have been tested
  • A critical bug with a hang when opening Get Add-ons has been identified, fixed, and verified.
  • A memory leak has been found with the GreaseMonkey extension (Bug 639515)
  • A bug in the Mozmill Crowd test environment has been identified and fixed

It was a successful testday, even we haven’t seen again any participation of any add-on author throughout the whole day.  We hope that we can reach out to that group a bit better in the future.

Our next testday is Friday March 11th where we will be digging through unconfirmed bugs for Firefox 4.