Firefox Mobile – Website Compatibility Testing

Aaron Train

Dear Firefox Mobile testers!

Website compatibility testing will be a covered and focused area as part of the release testing process for Firefox Mobile 4.0, and we want you to help us during our testing cycle.

We want you to use Firefox Mobile (Fennec) to assist us in identifying any noticeably major issues found in websites. Issues can range from pages that do not look “right”, layout and positioning problems, interactivity issues, font issues and pages that greatly differ from Desktop Firefox in comparison to how they look on mobile and other mobile browsers.

How can I help?

You can help us by:

  • Downloading the candidates for the release candidate of Mobile Firefox here
  • Completing this form available here, alongside using the test-plan that accompanies the form here

Your testing and feedback is highly valuable!

Any questions, feel free to ping myself (AaronMT) or Tony (tchung) on #mobile @