Firefox Mobile on Android – Running performance tests using a simple test harness add-on

Aaron Train

Dear Firefox Mobile testers!

A few days ago Mark Finkle posted a blog post, “Zippity using the Crowd to Collect Performance Data“, which is about a test harness add-on he has written that is used to run different kinds of performance and functional tests in Firefox Mobile with ease. The results from the user driven test runs are published to a viewable web application online here. The add-on can be pre-configured, so all you need to do is press a button to start the tests. Once the tests are finished, the add-on will prompt you to opt in to posting the results of the test run online.

The add-on is available for download here!

As the release of Firefox 4 for Mobile nears, I believe it would be a *great* habit to

  • Install the add-on (instructions in Mark’s post)
  • Run the tests daily *

* Note: When testing, please change your user key (an option available in the add-on preferences) to qa, as this will assist in grouping collective results.

The results garnered are invaluable, and the amount of interaction required is minimal!

As Mark indicates, “Getting performance data from the community members allows Mozilla to get better real world data, helping us make Firefox Mobile faster.”

Any questions, feel free to ping myself (AaronMT) or Tony (tchung) or Mark (mfinkle) on #mobile @