Firefox Input 3.3 is out! – Rounding out the Major Release and Beta Dashboards


We’re trying to round out the changes for Major Release and Betas on the last two releases in the 3.x product cycle before moving on to some really exciting endeavors. To look at what we’ve added to this release, take a look at the What’s New section below!

What’s New

  • Major Release Ideas Dashboard – Our current major release dashboard has been lacking on one piece of feedback, Ideas. Its up now and clusters new ideas on a daily basis from our RC and Major Release users thanks to the work of Frederic Wenzel!
  • Overlaying Betas on our Line Graph – The line graphs have been an excellent source for trending the feedback sent in. Unfortunately, as more and more Betas have been released, Mozilla’s community and staff have had a difficult time understanding the changes in user opinion between each beta. In this release, Dave Dash has over-layed time periods per beta to increase clarity for those triagers.
  • Colored Icons on Major Release Submission – We wanted to spruce up the current icons with a little more merriment and joy that allude back to one of our key tenets, making the feedback submission experience enjoyable. Check out the new icons made by Chris Howse!

This release wouldn’t be possible without the impeccable work of Frederic Wenzel, Dave Dash, Chris Howse, Ryan Snyder, Michael Kurze, Matthew Brandt and Justin Dow.

Finally, here’s a list of bugs fixed in this release.