Firefox 4 Mobile is shipping tomorrow!

Tony Chung

Android and Maemo users,

The day is almost here!   Tomorrow morning (8:15am PST), we will be officially launching Firefox 4 Mobile to the world!    This is an exciting accomplishment by the Mozilla team, with tons of PR and marketing efforts behind this release.   If you are own a Nokia N900 phone, or any of our supported Android phones, we are asking you to download Firefox starting tomorrow!

Firefox 4 Mobile is full of new and powerful features that you’d expect from a world-class browser.   Its got a clean and slick design, and easy to navigate interface.  But it also contains the familiar features of Mozilla Firefox you’ve come to love, like tabbed browsing, awesomebar, Sync, and addons.   You have got to try it out.  Look for more details on this tomorrow.

In addition, there is a fun game and campaign going on right now called Spark, where your personal flame will grow the more you share Firefox with others through social media.  Look for more information on that tomorrow.

In summary, we are excited and proud of the effort of testing that has gone into Firefox 4 Mobile in the past year, and very excited to share our product with the rest of the world!   Be sure to look for it on the Android Market, starting tomorrow morning.  (the version there is the RC, which will be identical to what we’re shipping tomorrow, minus the branding).  If you are on the Nokia N900, visit the OVI store for downloads there,

Join us in the Browser Technologies Forum and let us know what you think of Firefox 4 Mobile!