Ludovic Hirlimann

I spend a bunch of time everyday reading email emitted by bugzilla the bug tracking system used at mozilla. We have a nice name for these, we call them bugmail. Bugzilla.mozilla.org is a tool used by the developers to track defects and make Mozilla’s product better.
Once in a while we get people who come and use bugzilla as a support forum.
Some people are way more annoying, they come to bugzilla.mozilla.org to test the bugzilla bug tracking system. This is annoying because it sends email to a bunch of people and each of them needs to spend maybe 20 second to either discard the email , or go and act on the bug itself. Now 20 seconds don’t seems much, but multiply it by 2 or 3 bugs a day, and a bunch of people reading the email, it starts to count a lot. Now this could easily be avoided if people knew about landill.

landfill is the place where you can toy with bugzilla and test even more than one version of it. It had a fairly decent bug database that people can toy with. So next time you want to play with bugzilla, or test bugzilla use http://landfill.bugzilla.org/