Status Report: Week ending January 14, 2011

Anthony Hughes

In an effort to better manage my projects and workflow, I’m trying to blog my weekly status reports. Enjoy!

For more detailed information, please see my detailed status report.


  • Discovered an issue with testing fallback updates in Mozmill (bug 625826)
  • 4 Panorama tests from community contributor, uyclay, are under review
  • Goals drafted, will blog once finalized
  • Triaged Session Store, Security, Switch-to-tab, Geolocation, and Video features for Firefox 4.0b9 push
    • 110 Litmus results vetted
    • 18 broken tests fixed
    • 2 deprecated tests disabled
    • 3 regression-window-wanted bugs given regression windows
    • 15 unconfirmed bugs resolved or marked new
    • 67 resolved bugs verified
    • 4 new bugs filed
  • Did my part to get Firefox 4.0b9 out the door before noon PST on Friday (Linux smoketests and update verifications)
  • Posted a guide to help localizers triage l10n issues from Input to Bugzilla
  • Organized a testday for next Thursday (Jan 20, 2011) to help localizers triage l10n issues

Resolved Bugs

No bugs resolved this week, but made progress on bug 614973 (testPasswordNotSaved Mozmill failure).

Next Week

  • Automation
    • Ramp up Panorama project
    • Fix testPasswordNotSaved.js (bug 614973)
  • Desktop
    • Continue to triage bugs and Litmus results to 0
  • Services
    • Start planning bug/testday events for the quarter
    • Start drafting rewards/achievements plan
    • l10n Triage Testday

Time Breakdown

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