Firefox Input 3.0 is out! It’s now on Fx Releases!


Firefox’s favorite feedback web application in Firefox 4 Beta now supports Releases! Once Firefox 4 goes out, release users will see the following set of options after clicking the “Submit Feedback” option under the Help menu.

That’s not all either! This release includes the ability to download our database of feedback via tsv files [1] and a new option within the opinion toolbox to copy the user agent of an individual piece of feedback. Of course, this wouldn’t be possible without the efforts of Frederic Wenzel, Ryan Snyder, Dave Dash, Chris Howse, Michael Kurze, Stephen Donner, Rebecca Billings, Vishal Kamdar and Dave Hunt and Corey Shields.

List of Major Features

  • Submission methods for releases of Firefox 4 and later
  • Input’s database is available via .tsv files[1]
  • Copy User Agent feature in the opinion toolboxes
  • Searching by infinite time period
  • Time periods for searches on previous betas are more intuitive

Finally, here’s a list of bugs fixed in this release.

[1] To handle the potential large amount of load, the link to download the files can retrieved by going through the following instructions.