Status Report for 2010.12.10

Anthony Hughes

In an effort to better manage my projects and workflow, I’m trying to blog my weekly status reports. Enjoy!

For more detailed information, please see my detailed status report.


1. Firefox 3.5.16 and Firefox 3.6.13 updates released

2. Discovered potential issue in python scripts causing scrambling of testrun order of Mozmill tests on Linux32 VMs

3. Created a project page for Mozmill test refactoring

4. Created a project page for Mozmill local data

5. Ran a successful testday for Session Store (results)

6. Created a lesson plan skeleton for l10n bug triage

Resolved Bugs

No bugs resolved this week, but made progress on bug 614973 (testPasswordNotSaved Mozmill failure).

Next Week

The Mozilla All-hands is happening.  I will be in Mountain View, CA all week.  I’m hoping the face time with people I usually only see in text will help me wrap up any loose ends for the quarter.

  • Automation
    • Create a project page for Panorama tests
    • File bugs for Refactoring project and begin Phase I work
    • Fix testPasswordNotSaved
  • Desktop
    • Firefox 4.0b8 release
    • Set up “incoming” triage queries
    • Create a proposal for triaging incoming bugs vs backlog
  • Services
    • Create a proposed lesson plan for a l10n testday (aakashd)

Time Breakdown

Percentage Time Spent

Time Over-Under