Results of the Session Store Testday

Anthony Hughes

Yesterday, December 8, we held a testday for the recent changes to Session Store in Firefox 4.  Overall it was a productive day with people triaging several bugs and running several new tests.  A big thank you goes out to everyone who helped out yesterday.  Our next testday will be tomorrow, Friday December 10th; we’ll be testing Web Console.


Peak number of users: 37
Peak number of active testers: 7
Total bugs triaged: 25
Total tests run: 13
Peak period of activity: 11:30am – 12:30pm
Top Testers:

  1. BJ Herbison
  2. Aleksej
  3. Three Way Tie: Tobbi, Variable, and Heroid

Number of Testers

Work Completed

A Word about our Community

As with previous testdays, the contributors were asked to voluntarily fill out a survey.  The results of this survey seem to highlight some common metrics from our testing community:

  • majority reside outside of the US
  • many speak English as a second language
  • most people hear about the event through QMO
  • people participate out of a genuine desire to “make Firefox better” and to learn something about testing
  • the number of newcomers is nearly equal to the number of repeat contributors

Thank you everyone who took time to fill out our survey.  The data collected is really helping us gain a better understanding of the people who make up our community.

Thanks again to all those who helped out.  See you next testday!

– ashughes