Results of the Add-ons Manager test day

Henrik Skupin

Thanks everyone for helping us last week in running the Add-ons Manager test day. During the day we were able to focus on the verification of a couple of bugs. Further some new issues have been turned out, even some are regressions from the last days. Overall we were able to actively work on 45 bugs, which is quite a good number. Beside the usual bug triage we also had interested parties for the creation of new Litmus tests. 14 of those have been created during the day, which means that only a hand-full of tests are missing until we have everything inside our spreadsheet.

Active community members who helped to make the day a success were B.J. Herbison, Aleksej, Tobbi, variable, and auscompgeek. Thanks everyone for your enthusiasm and efforts! Two of you were able to pass the magic number of 10 points and will receive a prize in the next couple of days.