QMO 3.0, now with Team Forums and User Accounts!


Dynamic things are fun. They add spice to life. People are more likely to pay attention to them. When looking at QMO, “dynamic” certainly didn’t come to mind. Most of the content is static. Of the static content there, it’s kinda dull. We have feeds, but they’re sparsely updated. So, QMO 3.0 is a take at that dullness with its latest release.

The two biggest features are the addition of User Accounts and Team Members and Forums. Users can join their favorite teams and communicate within them with employees as well as like-minded Mozilla testers! Another great thing about this release is that it sets a strong base for some bigger and better things in QMO’s future. So, take a look at it and join in on the conversations. A big thanks to Craig Cook for developing the theme and and structure, Shyam Mani for his IT guru-ism and Al Billings for his WP Community coordination and UX work for this release!

New Major Features:

  • Member Accounts
  • Teams with Members and Forums
  • Member profiles with karma points per member

List of Plugins Added:

  • Buddypress
  • BP Group Management
  • BP Group Email Subscription
  • BP Humanity
  • BP Member Profile Stats
  • BP Rate Forum Posts
  • BP Restrict Group Creation