SUMO Knowledge Base test day success


The SUMO Knowledge Base test day on November 12th saw a lot of great results. We got to see a lot of great interaction between those of us working on developing the new and improved KB and the community of users. The whole day was spent on community interaction and discussion of how the new KB looks and works.

Thanks to those people who jumped in to participate. We saw a lot of new and experienced contributors working to find bugs – which was great as that isn’t an area they typically work in. We touched on at least 50 issues and filed at least 30 new bugs. I can’t express how helpful this was, and it goes to show how much help can be given even by people who don’t usually QA!

In addition to the new bugs found there were other benefits as well. This gave new users and contributors the chance to explore and interact with the new Knowledge Base. Everyone was actively working to improve the usability of the new system. As SUMO relies on volunteer work, having good usability is a key element to success.

The day overall was a great success- and we are all looking forward to the release of the new Knowledge Base next week!