Status Update for 2010.11.19

Anthony Hughes

In an effort to better manage my projects and workflow, I’m trying to blog my weekly status reports. Enjoy!

For more detailed information, please see my detailed status report.


1. Drafted a proposal for a Mozmill Tests Styleguidecurrently undergoing peer review and will be posted to MDC as soon as it is ready for community consumption.

2. Created a portal on QMO for lessons – resource for community members to learn at their own pace on their own time.  The first lesson, Finding a Testcase in Litmus, has been posted as well. I expect to populate this with a new lesson every week for the next month.

3. Bug 610849 – Need a notification bar waitFor() in Mozmill API – implemented and landed waitForTabPanel() in the tabBrowserAPI. Essentially, this is a safety-net for ensuring notification bars are ready before Mozmill performs an action.  It will make notification bar handling a lot more robust and reliable.  I also landed patches to refactor all of the existing tests, which rely on notification bars, to use this new function.

Next Week

Next week is a short week for me — I will be on vacation from Sunday through Wednesday.  As a result, I’ve got a lot to accomplish in two short days.  Add to that, I am moving to a new home in downtown Vancouver the following Saturday.  This will surely be a busy week for me.  Taking that into consideration, here is a list of all I’d like to see accomplished next week.

  • Finish converting 4.0b7 tests to Litmus
  • Run a testday for Mozmill Refactoring
  • Post a styleguide to MDC
  • Create project page for Local Data project
  • Set up “incoming”/”resolving” queries
  • 0 unvetted Litmus results for my owned areas
  • 0 in-litmus? bugs for my owned areas
  • Create a proposal for more integrated QA:Development partnerships
  • Add a lesson for “bug reproducing” to QMO
  • Plan a bugday for Nov 29 – Dec 3

Time Breakdown

Percentage Time Spent Per Area

Time Spent vs Scoped