Results of the Mozmill test day

Henrik Skupin

As usual we want to give a short wrap-up of the last test day, and thank everyone for their attendance and feedback. When you ask me personally, I would say the test day was a blast! And I believe the whole team will join that impression. During the day we had a lot of people in the channel, who ran our tests and reported back issues, which we got on file. That means we were able to work on 21 bugs during that day. It’s amazing for a Mozmill test day and probably the best result so far. Thanks goes to adriank, lara, kbrosnan, tanner, jan, merike, linostar, and especially aleksej, who spent nearly the complete day on the Mozmill topic. You all rock!

The largest new feature during the day was definitely the l10n test-run. With a bit of delay we were able to land those tests midday European time. Together with Adrian and Aleksej we started to execute those tests against the eo (Esperanto) locale and found a couple of duplicated access keys. Any information and the automatically taken screenshots have been logged to bug 614938. Beside the test execution, we were also able to create a new test-run script for our automation infrastructure.

Later that day the lead of the ar locale joined our #testday channel to evince his interest in those tests. He executed a test-run and was able to find about 9 failures. With the help of the screenshots he was able to fix all of those in the remaining time of the test day. For an example see the screenshot, as saved by Mozmill.

All in all it was a successful day with a lot of feedback. Given the results we are looking forward to the next Mozmill test day sometime beginning next year.

If you are interested in the l10n tests, watch Mozilla Planet for an upcoming blog post with all the details later this week.

Thanks again to everyone!