Outlook user wanted !

Ludovic Hirlimann

I’d like to bring up to your attention the work being done in bug 207156. Someone took the time to work on a new Outlook importer and fix issues and issues and issues. There’s a build available and I think it would make sense to test that build and see if it can survive other people’s outlook mailboxes. I don’t think you should use the build for anything else than testing and here is a good test scenario :

  • Have a lengthy look into your outlook install (to see how mails are organized, how many you have , spot a few with different character encoding, some with attachments, some signed/encrypted etc ….)
  • Download the build at http://mzl.la/a31UDw
  • Go to Tools -> import and follow the steps to import your mailbox
  • Compare the imported data with the one in your outlook archive – comment on the bug if you find any issues.