Nightly Tester Tools for Mobile Firefox!


I’ve been itching to try my hand at writing an extension as well as finding a way to get a suite of tools for nightly testers onto Fennec.  So, when word got around that Dave Townsend was going to transition development and maintenance of Nightly Tester Tools over to Heather Arthur and Jeff Hammel, it sounded like a perfect opportunity to catch onto the train. With a now bug-free and actively maintained NTT, it was pretty easy to make Nightly Tester Tools for Mobile. I simply re-used a bunch of NTT code (as well as mbrubeck’s Quit Fennec add-on) and mixed it with the UI of the current Beta Tester Tools Add-on. The source code is available in a GitHub repo too. Here’s the list of features on the first-ish revision:

  • Quit Fennec (useful for those on Android devices)
  • Copy Build Id to clipboard
  • Copy a list of installed extensions on your profile to clipboard
  • Force Add-ons Compatibility
  • Enable the Error Console

There’s more coming, but feel free to comment in this blogpost with new ideas or features you’d like. Otherwise, Enjoy!