Input 2.0 – The quest for a smarter dashboard


Ever have one of those times when a product look great at first and second glance, but as you look into its details nits start rolling into other nits to the point that its this minefield of things that you wish the product would be? Well, that’s what Input 1.x felt like. Sure we were adding new features, but it didn’t match the depth and variability of our now 700,000 pieces of feedback in Firefox and Mobile Firefox betas. This release takes a stab at that by offering a time-based line graph, getting rid of the 1000-max-match limit, Sites data from older versions and much more. Take a look below and, of course, at the results. This wouldn’t be possible without the efforts of Dave Dash, Frederic Wenzel, Chris Howse, Ryan Snyder, Michael Kurze, Stephen Donner and Justin Lazaro. Amazing people, all of them.

List of Major Features

  • Faceted Search (i.e. no more 1000-max-match limit)
  • Time-Based Line Charts
  • Version Differentiation on Sites
  • Users can tweet individual messages
  • Text counter for our submission forms
  • Support for the “Submit Feedback” Firefox menu button

Oh, and here’s a list of bugs fixed in this release.