We need more user on the beta channel

Ludovic Hirlimann

As some of you but not all of you might be aware, we have a few update
channels for the auto-update mechanism. Let me describes the one we have :

  • release , that’s the most commonly used one – this one is the one for people not testing.
  • releasetest – the one we use just before release to make sure things work.
  • beta is the one that we use for people willing to test the releases a few days before they go out
  • betatest is to test the fact that the updates are going to work on the beta channel
  • nightlies is for nightly users :d

There is only one setting named app.update.channel that controls which
channel you are on. This pref cannot be set from the config editor. If
you wish to change it, you’ll need to edit in the Thunderbird install
directory the defaults/pref/channel-prefs.js file.

If you are currently running the 3.1 series or the 3.0.x series, we
would appreciate having a few more folks on the beta channel and getting
very early feedback on issue before we push releases to a wider audience.