MozillaQA Bugweek Day 4 Results

Anthony Hughes

Today we held the 4th straight day of testcase writing activity in our first ever bugweek.  I’d like to thank everyone who came out to help, learn, and contribute.  Today was the most successful day of the week so far.  We had over 15 Panorama testcases contributed by more than 5 contributors.  The result is a hot-off-the-press feature with a solid foundation of testcases for catching bugs as the Firefox 4 release inches closer.

Tomorrow we will be running two activities in tandem.  In #bugday we will be focusing on a general list of in-litmus? bugs which need testcases.  In #testday we will be both writing and running tests for the new Add-ons Manager.

Whether you want to learn about testing and testcase writing, write manual testcases, or test the brand new Add-ons Manager, come on to and help us out.  We’ll be actively working from 11am to 2pm PDT.

Oh, and don’t forget, contributors have been earning points for their accomplishments all week.  Tomorrow will be the last day to earn points towards prizes.  Prizes will be awarded to everyone who reaches 20, 50 and 100 points with the top-tester winning a bonus prize.  A single testcase is worth 5 points, finding or resolving a bug is worth 2 points, and completing a testrun is 20 points.

See you there!