Firefox Input 1.8, “Krieger”, is out


“Shh! And the best part is that he’s learning.” – Krieger, Archer

Input is now ready to go for Mobile Firefox Betas! If you want to see the system on the best open Mobile Browser in the world, look for the happy/sad buttons within the “β” pane in your browser controls once Beta 1 is out (Note: it’ll only be available on Maemo for Beta 1, but will also be on Android starting in Beta 2). Other notables in this release are a new Mobile Input Dashboard only for Mobile Firefox feedback (right now) and the ability to differentiate between products on the original Input Dashboard. A large thanks should go to Chris Howse, Frederic Wenzel, Dave Dash, Ryan Snyder, Michael Kurze, Stephen Donner and Shyam Mani for making this happen.

Total List of Features

  • Input on Mobile Firefox
  • Mobile Dashboard
  • Messages Snippet shows total messages over the current beta
  • Product Differentiation on “Feedback” page of our Desktop Dashboard
  • Platform Differentiation on Sites

Finally, here’s a list of bugs fixed in this release.