Bugweek Day 3 Results

Anthony Hughes

Today we had a bugday for Session Store testcases.  I’m kind of underwhelmed by how it turned out participation was extremely low.  We had 8 bugs identified as not needing testcases (aka in-litmus-).  There was not a whole lot of testcase writing going on.  Granted, there were many distractions, the advertising time was very limited and the window of activity was only 4-hours.

Tomorrow will be a full day of focusing on Panorama (aka Tab Candy).  We’ll start at 11am and going all the way to 6pm PDT.  I hope the fact this is a hot-off-the-press feature and the larger window of opportunity results in more participation.

If you would like to help out with writing testcases for Panorama tomorrow, please read the testplan and come join us on irc.mozilla.org #bugday

I hope to see you there.