Week no….. ah I lost the track!!!


Yeah, seriously I lost the track on the current week number, all because of the awesome awesome Mozilla Summit 2010. Not only a week that was gone for the summit ( that includes 2 days of flight), but also a week before that because of the visa refusal ( more on that in the coming blog post(s!) ).

So what about the GSoC? Sure, it’s lagging behind, maybe by a week or so. But I got all the things on note and surely be taken care of with few extra hours of work. The best part is that I met my mentor there ( Joel Maher ) and also other people that count like Mark Finkle, Clint Talbert, Gerv, and many others. The summit was a enthralling experience and has only made me more committed to Mozilla, Mozilla ROCKS!!!

So the next few weeks will be tight for sure, with the mid-term evaluation round the corner (July 16). But I am pretty confident that I can pull the things through, that I have got all things in order and now more than ever I know what to do (Pretty strong words eh!). The summit has given me whole bunch of experiences that has enriched my knowledge on the mobile firefox and other related stuff. The discussion with jmaher was great and he turns out to be an amazing guy with tons of experience in the field of automation. I feel so lucky to have him as my mentor and now we are both ready to put things on the fast track and get them done for the benefit of getting the first version of Mobile Firefox into the many phones round the world!

So the next week, I’ll be concentrating on putting new patches for testing the preferences options like the homepage selection, checking the core functionality, and also text and colors. Also I am hoping that I’ll put a patch through for testing the awesome bar favicon and trivial stuff. So that’s the plans for the week and I will be updating the next week.

Oh yeah, for the records, I’ll put this week as week no. 9 as I can find it in the calendar… 🙂