Week no 10 – Bugs Bugs Bugs!


The summit has given me energy to go all in for the automated tests ( also partly that there is only a month left! ). This week was quite engaging. I was working on multiple tests at a time. I filed patches for checking the states of the preferences options and the awesome-bar url check and the favicon check. Also was engrossed on the tests on core functionality of the preferences, as also tests on the tab loading behaviors of the awesome bar.

The one problem I had with writing the patches was the use of window.messageManager. The mobile team would like every tests to use messageManager instead of eventManager and waitFor, for like waiting for events and pages to load. But it is not the case in mine though. I tried using them for page loads, but it does not wait and often the results show fail which it is not. Anyways the guys are working on it, and I have used the other two options for this.

The core functionality tests are the major stumbling block for now. One of the tests to check whether the remember passwords dialog is prompted when the option is switched off. But the problem is that once a textbox is clicked, the form helper loads. After entering a string to it ( password ), it cannot “click” the next element, that is the submit button. Actually it cannot do any clicks on other elements. Anyways I think this issue will be resolved and by the next week I am hoping to see a patch for it done.

The next step would be to work on more tests. I would be concentrating on the preferences options ( checking text and color ), the awesome bar and start work on the download manager. A busy week ahead!