Summit 2010 roundup

Ludovic Hirlimann

Without the support of the community there would be no strong mozilla

I came back from the Mozilla 2010 summit be more like the web edition, two days ago. I’m now still fighting jet-lag but doing way better than yesterday :-). This was a awsome great meeting. I’ve met a bunch of very interesting people (some of which will unfortunately get spammed on some bugs) working on plenty of position at mozilla. It was nice to finally meet some of the people I’ve been interacting with online in the last year and a half (Hi , Wayne, rkent, Gary, Archeopteryx, Neil ….). And I ended up having a bunch of very interesting conversations with our contributors. I probably ended up spending too much time with the French contributors (that I’ve known through previous events like FOSDEM), playing belote contrée. I hadn’t play the game for quite a while so no regrets at all. I had setup a PGP and CAcert signing meet. PGP went well as 15 people came and participated while CAcert , only some assurers (not even all of them) showed up.

I’d like to thank all the people who did a amazing job preparing and organizing the summit – it was perfect !

Ho and yes I did make a few pictures while there :