Firefox Input 1.6 Released – ‘Malory’ is loose


Dave Dash made the fantastic suggestion to use Archer characters as project names so we get the chance to use quotes from the show in our release blog posts. So, here goes:

“Don’t be shitty, can’t we just enjoy the moment? ”

For those that haven’t watched an episode Archer, Malory employs raw commentary with a bit of panache to other characters on the show. We’ve employed that same characteristic with our newest version of the Input project. Here’s a list of the new features out for this release:

  1. Data Analysis Tool: Clusters – Mozilla has been experimenting with a method of text analysis called “clustering” for issues submitted to SUMO. We felt that there was a natural fit with Input’s feedback data and wanted it in. It polls all received feedback over the previous week’s daily, performs a Cluster analysis on that data and posts the output to the Input Dashboard’s Clusters page. Note that the analysis software is still in-development and there are data issues that need to be fixed. If you want to help, Dave Dash has it stored on a handy github repo.
  2. URL Submission for “Happy” Reports – From feedback received, our users want to tell us about websites that work better on our beta than previous versions of Firefox. So, we’ve added a spot for users to add URLs to their “happy” feedback.
  3. Mobile Support – We’re geared up for Mobile Firefox’s Beta! Head over to and check out the new pages. Currently, our new Clusters pages is not mobile-friendly, but we’ll be fixing that before Mobile Firefox Beta 1 comes out.

We’ve also added a number of bug fixes that make our dashboard faster and much more efficient:

  1. Searches are sorted by time in descending order
  2. Feedback from Windows builds are now separated by Windows versions (i.e. XP, Vista and 7)
  3. Translation with escaped text (i.e. other languages that not be supported by your keyboard configuration) are now correctly sent to Google Translate.
  4. Wording changes to our submission pages and dashboard
  5. Parsing through the accept-language header to work with Firefox 4 Beta 2