Week no 6 – First Patch through!


Due to unfortunate circumstances, I had to skip off week no. 5 post. Anyways, here I am with the latest updates of what has happened so far in the automation tests for Fennec front end.

The first patch, that was basic panning of preferences pane of Fennec, has undergone a lot of ridiculous changes (which you can see from this bug489158). But finally I found out the way to compare the panning values with that of variables that depend on the Fennec size. This way I got rid of all the hard-coded values except one which has no possible way to find out. After all that and few silly changes (the tabs were irritating, some bug in the gedit of ubuntu which does not save the preferences made for tab spacing), it was good for review. Mark Finkle (:mfinkle) reviewed it and gave a green signal with exception of 2 changes, one the unnecessary todo I’d given, and the other being zooming in the preferences pane which is not supposed to; he deleted it anyways.

And then my first patch was through! It’s now become a part of the browser-tests in mochitests of Fennec! The catch here is that this patch did not include the whole coverage of preferences tests. So now have 3 extra bugs to be resolved relating to preferences. At least I got one through! ^/

The rest of the tests have few bottlenecks, with few cases where it fails during test but a normal test run shows fine. I doubt whether the extensions given to run the mochitests have anything to do with it. Today I got few breakthroughs, which I hope I will make them worthwhile to be submitted as patch by tomorrow. I started work on tests for awesome bar to get away with these bottlenecks, but it proved to be another headache with loaded pages failing to show up during history when normally it’s fine. Have to get these issues  addressed.

Okays, it’s late in the night, it’s time for some nice sleep! So long folks!