PGP signing party during the mozilla summit 2010

Ludovic Hirlimann

The talks and schedule being done, the slot I had requested to organize a Key signing party (for both CAcerts and PGP/GPG) in during a breakout session is dead. The schedule isn’t published yet so it still is a bit difficult to announce a date and time to meet. In order to prepare ourselves a bit more efficiently than with pen and paper, I’ve setup a Keyring on biglumber.
If you want to participate to the keysigning, please consider adding you keys to the event keyring Having everybody that wants to participate on file, will help people find each other in a PGP finding buddy quest. Than you can wander the attendee and try to find the person that you haven’t met or signed keys with.
When I get a better idea of the schedule I will announce date and time where people will be able to meet and sign keys either on twitter or in #moz10 on irc.