Install/Uninstall Fennec Nightly Builds for Android


Installing Fennec nightly builds for Android is very simple now. There is an automatic updater, so all you need to do is follow the steps below to manually get the new nightlies once and then use the Android system notification bar to update from then on! One note though, if you have a Firefox Beta installed on your device, make sure to uninstall it before installing a nightly build.

To Install
1. Download and install the latest fennec.apk file located on our ftp directory

To Update
1. Open Fennec
2a After 30 seconds to a minute, you should see a Fennec icon in your system notification bar at the top of the screen.
2b. If you don’t see a Fennec icon there, simply go over to “about:fennec” via your URL bar and click on “Check for Updates” within the page. You’ll see the Fennec icon pop up on the bar.
3. Slide open the system notification bar and click on the update notification.

1. Go to the Applications menu -> Settings -> Applications -> Manage applications -> Fennec.
2. Click on “uninstall”.

Hope that helped!

P.S. Profiles are tied to the downloaded build. If it’s uninstalled, your profile will be uninstalled with it.