Ace Monster Toys: All On Board


Ace Monster Toys Board and Officers
Left to Right: Chris, Al, Shannon and his Mustache, Dr. Jesus, Mike, Neha

The effort to get Ace Monster Toys, the East Bay Hackerspace, off the ground continues.

We continue to meet on Monday nights at 7:30 PM, often at Berkeley Coworking. This last Monday we took another step towards becoming official by electing our board of directors. This consists of:

  • Al Billings (that is, me)
  • Christian Fernandez
  • Shannon Lee
  • Mike Gittelsohn
  • Dr. Jesus (a man of questionable virtue)

Our next task is to appoint our three officers, the president, the secretary, and the treasurer. Neha volunteered to be secretary on the spot (a thankless task!). We have candidates for the others though it is also possible that one of us may resign from the board to become president because, in a fit of civic theory, we made board member ineligible to be officers and then elected most of the membership willing to be in charge of things to the board. (Oops!)

The reason why we need officers immediately to go with the board is that I will be filing California non-profit incorporation papers for us. These papers require us to name our board and officers, along with our by-laws. The incorporation process is quick, taking only a week or two, and will allow us to rent a space and receive donations from people. Once that is returned, we will be filing for 501(c)(3) status with the federal government.

In the meantime, we are constantly looking at various potential spaces in the East Bay. You can follow our progress on the wiki if so inclined. We have several good candidates in Oakland and Berkeley.

Now that we have a board, I expect that our weekly Monday meetings will transition to something a bit more fun and a bit less organizational. We’ve spoken about having a visit and maybe class by the local chapter of Toool, the Open Organisation Of Lockpickers, as well as doing some electronic project instructions. I encourage anyone interested and in the East Bay to come out to one of the Monday meetings.

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