OOPP and Responsiveness

OOPP is coming together nicely and as we move from finding basic problems like crashes and hangs, I'd like for us to take a look at little look at performance. We don't have a clear way to compare performance between Firefox 3.6 and the 1.9.3a3pre nightlies, for example, when using plugins, but if there's any perceived change in responsiveness I would like your help in calling it out. Just to remind you, OOPP works in Windows and Linux trunk nightlies.
So far our testing has involved trying out sites with popular plugins to see if they crash and checking what the user interaction is when that happens, but as the these builds become more stable we should keep performance in mind.
If any of you know of test pages we can use to measure performance at least qualitatively, such that we can compare between different builds, please let us know. Similarly, if you think there's a way to run Talos on builds with different plugins loaded, or if there's any other automated way to run tests that would yield a few numbers, let us know.
If you use the trunk nightly as your daily browser, and you have noticed any performance changes, especially if they are negative, make a note of the sites, number of tabs, and plugins you were using and what types of problems you see and let us know, and if everything seem to be working as well as in 3.6 let the OOPP team know they are doing some awesome work!