Testers for Thunderbird 3.1b1 wanted

Ludovic Hirlimann

We are going to release Lanikai 3.1b1. I’m looking for volunteers to work on a complete test using litmus. These are the areas that need to be tested :

  1. Install, shutdown, uninstall
  2. Folder Views
  3. Migration
  4. Updating Thunderbird
  5. Import
  6. Window configuration
  7. Toolbars and menus
  8. Account settings & Preferences (Options)
  9. IMAP accounts
  10. POP accounts (exclude Global Inbox)
  11. Gmail Accounts
  12. .Mac accounts
  13. Global inbox
  14. Mail composition
  15. Spell checker
  16. RSS account & subscriptions
  17. Newsgroups
  18. Message Aging
  19. Navigating and displaying messages
  20. Downloading and saving
  21. Image blocking
  22. Return receipts
  23. Proxies
  24. Offline, disk space
  25. Moving, copying, deleting messages
  26. Views and labeling messages
  27. Message filters
  28. Message search
  29. Address search
  30. Virtual folders
  31. Message Grouping
  32. Quicksearch
  33. Address books
  34. Junk mail
  35. Extensions
  36. Theme management
  37. Help
  38. Printing
  39. Master Passwords & password management
  40. Phishing, spoof detection
  41. Secure connections
  42. Digital signing, encrypting messages
  43. Software Update
  44. Find as you type (FAYT)/Quickfind
  45. Windows Search and Spotlight integration

Like I did in the past, can you send me a private email to ludovic@mozillamessaging.com, telling me on which os you would use to participate and three areas you would like to test ( I suggest that you make your choice in that way , 1st area something you care about and are eager to test, 2 area something you can easily test, 3rd something you never used before ) so I can organize things. The last two times this worked pretty well – except for some people ending up testing things they didn’t care about. So i’m trying to make this better by letting you choose before hand. I still need to aim for 100% coverage so you still might end up testing areas you didn’t ask for.