Enigmail is aimaing for version 1.0 and looks for translator

Ludovic Hirlimann

From an email to the enigmail mailing list :
I am starting to prepare a new version of Enigmail for Thunderbird 3.0.
I think that after more than 8 years of development, it’s about time to
finally call it “1.0”!

For this, of course I’d like to have as many translations as possible
🙂 Please send your translations directly to me. In case you don’t know
how to translate Enigmail, instructions can be found here:

Attached is the diff file between v0.96.0 and the next version — as you
can see it’s really not much. In case your language wasn’t updated from
v0.95.7 to v0.97.0, I have also added the previous versions’ diff.

Please het in touch with patrick if you want to give a hand.