Presenting the Thunderbird QA team, Interview #4 Aureliano

Ludovic Hirlimann

Can you introduce yourself abit to our readers :
How old are you ?

37 years old (too old I know ­čÖü )

Where do you live ?

Calabria in southern Italy

What’s your relationship with mozilla and thunderbird in particular ?
How long have you been using it ?

Thunderbird is my default (and only) email-client since 2003.

What os/platform do you use it on ?

Windows XP

What are your area’s of interest when doing Quality assurance ?

Now I’m interested at all areas, anyway at the beginning I was
interested in particularly .at address book component and tabs

Why do you participate in the quality effort ?

I love TB and I like to try to improve it , as I can

Why ? What do you get from it ? Is it fun ?

It’s very funny… and instructive.

What do you think about TB3 ?
Do you think you own part of it because you do QA ? Do you like it ?

Yes a little bit… and I like it too much

How do you use Tb yourself ?
Extensions ? – Which one ?

I use TB in my environment works (I’m a developer in my real life).

My extension are:

Anything you would like to add ?

Thanks to Mozilla and Thunderbird QA boys.