OSCON 2008 & FossCoach & Beyond


I’m dusting off this blog now.  Over the last two weeks of traveling, I attended OSCON, and spoke several times at FossCoach, an “unconference” inside the OSCON conference.  I talked a bit about building online communities, and about the pluses and minuses of getting started in QA (Quality Assurance) in open source projects.  I’ve uploaded the slides for both of them: Building Online Communities and Getting Started in QA.

Carsten Book (aka Tomcat) and I also did a session in the main OSCON track on our battle with memory leaks during the development of Firefox 3.  You can check those slides out here.

After OSCON, Mikeal, Adam, and I traveled up to Seattle for the weekend.  They showed me their home town, including my new favorite book store and new favorite bar.  Of course, since Seattle is still quite a commute for a drink or a book, I’ll still be found rummaging through City Lights in SF and hanging around the counter at Flora in Oakland.

After Seattle, we went to Whistler, BC for the Mozilla Summit.  The amazing sessions, rock slides, bears, float planes, and power outages were well covered, so I won’t re-mention them here.

Enjoy the slides of the talks.  I am going to convert the text of both the “building communities” and the “getting started in qa” talks to a blog posts, so stay tuned for that.  Fun times ahead!