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Testday – AMO Collections – September 1st, 2010

September 1, 2010 @ 7:00 am - 5:00 pm

Hello there, and welcome to the AMO test day! Thanks for volunteering your time and energy to help us improve addons.mozilla.org! Below, you’ll find the setup information and some use-cases to help guide you in your testing; feel free, though, to go off on your own and just ad-hoc test!

Staging server: https://next.addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/

What are we testing?

The focus for this testday are the changes for 5.11.9 which includes-

What are Collections?

Collections are groups of related add-ons created by users to share.

What to test?

Here are a few things you could check for:

  • Functionality – a Feature does what it is supposed to do.
  • Layout issues
  • Usability (does something not make sense? seem hard to use?)
  • Security – XSS,encoding/escaping issues, etc.
  • Error handling – System fails gracefully and displays useful and appropriate user/error messages

Pages/features to be tested

  • Collection landing page
  • Collection Creation
  • Edit/Delete Collection
  • Privacy setting for Collections
  • Multiple Install for collections
  • Transferring Owners
  • Collection sorts
  • View Profile Page
  • Edit profile page
  • Registration/Verification
  • Password reset page
  • Collection Search

Litmus test-run for new Collections:

You can run our testrun for Collections here

You can also help us do end-to-end testing by running the testruns listed below:

  • Testrun for AMO Public pages – Includes testcases to validate user functionalities like adding add-on reviews,updating user profile etc. Don’t forget to spiral around  scenarios to check for edge-cases.
  • Testrun for AMO Search – Includes testcases to test Search functionality on AMO. Don’t forget to spiral around scenarios to check for edge-cases.
  • Testrun for Add-on Collector – Includes testcases to check for the extension Add-on Collector. Learn more about Add-on Collector here
  • Testrun for AMO Tagging – Includes testcases to validate tagging add-ons. Don’t forget to spiral around scenarios to check for edge-cases.
  • Testrun for Button-states – Includes testcases to test the different button-states on AMO.

What *not* to worry about?

  • Don’t worry about -261 or -203 errors when trying to install an add-on; the preview server doesn’t always have the most up-to-date files synced to it from the production database

You found a bug!

Awesome! First thing you need to do is to check whether it’s a known issue. You can search for existing AMO bugs here

If you found a new/un-reported bug, give yourself a pat on the back and then please file the bug here

If the process of filing a bug seems too daunting a task or if you are not sure whether something is a bug or not, then find someone in #testday channel on IRC to help you.

Also, if you have permissions, please add [testday09012010] to the status whiteboard; thanks!

You want to do more

Thanks for your interest in further testing our websites here at Mozilla! For an overview and ways to engage with us, please see https://wiki.mozilla.org/QA/Execution/Web_Testing/Contribute. If you have any questions along the way, the best way to reach the team is via IRC, in #mozwebqa, on irc.mozilla.org. Here are some instructions for those of you new to IRC.

For complete and up-to-date information, please see: https://wiki.mozilla.org/QA/Execution/Web_Testing/AMO/Testday/09012010

Contact us

Aakash Desai

Krupa Raj

Stephen Donner


September 1, 2010
7:00 am - 5:00 pm
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