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Add-ons compatibility and Add-ons Manager testday March 4th

March 4, 2011

Dear Firefox testers and add-on authors!

With a couple of beta releases for Firefox 4 in the last weeks, the final release of Firefox 4 will approach loudly in the near future.  One of the major features of Firefox is indeed the add-on system and with the completely rewritten Add-ons Manager, a new way of handling add-ons has been introduced and established.

Given its big impact for the Firefox 4 release we want to make sure that any feature related to add-ons is working as perfect as possible. Therefore we want to hold a testday this Friday, on March 4th, fully dedicated to add-ons and the Add-ons Manager. A couple of important tasks have been planned and will be worked on throughout the whole day. The list below will give you a quick heads-up.

Tasks for the add-ons testday:

  • Testing the top100 compatible add-ons with Firefox 4 RC1 to ensure there is no breakage with any of those add-ons installed. Additionally we want to put focus on their memory consumption and check that no memory leaks exists in the add-on or Firefox itself.
  • Supporting add-on authors and help them updating their add-ons for Firefox 4.
  • Performing major updates from Firefox 3.6 to Firefox 4 to ensure that users will be safe without loosing add-ons or any other data.
  • Testing the functionality of the Add-ons Manager for handling all kinds of add-ons.
  • Testing the Discovery pane which is embedded inside the “Get Add-ons” tab of the Add-ons manager
  • Execution of Mozmill endurance tests to identify memory leaks

To cover the work throughout the whole day we have created an Etherpad. Everyone should check the separate sections. Feel free to work on an area you are interested in. There will be mentors in the channel to help you out.

Together with your help we want to make this testday a success and ensure the quality of Firefox 4 for all of our over 400 million users world-wide. If you have time this Friday, on March 4th, please join us on IRC at #testday.

Thanks in advance!


March 4, 2011
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