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1-Click Firefox functional testing with Mozmill-Crowd

Henrik Skupin

Firefox 4, the next major version of Mozilla’s web browser, will include hundreds of new features and enhancements. A lot of those will happen in the background and will primarily not be visible at the front-end. A very good example for such a feature is the support for graphics hardware acceleration. It will drastically improve […] Continue reading

Who owns quality

Matt Brandt

Lately I’ve been fielding this question quite a bit at work and frankly I’m getting sick of it. I’ve become the automated test czar and thus all support, maintenance, and failings of our currently frameworks, harnesses, and tools ar… Continue reading

GTAC 2010

Matt Brandt

I just returned from a great trip to Hyderabad, India for this year’s Google Test Automation Conference. An inspiring trip where I spent several days getting test-geek on with a room full of other very passionate testers. Some of the tools and m… Continue reading

The QA Companion Needs You!


Calling all Add-On developers and would-be-Add-On developers!  The QA Companion Add-On could use your help! Zach Lipton and Ben Hsieh created the QA Companion Add-On.  This is an extension that sits in a little window outside Firefox or Thunderbird and helps you to run litmus tests against the application.  It has helped hundreds of people […] Continue reading