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Test Day: Help us test hardware acceleration using Grafx Bot!

July 23, 2010

The MozQA community is holding a Testday on Friday, July 23rd, for users interested in helping us test hardware acceleration using Firefox 4! We’re going to have the Firefox Dev and QA teams available to help people install the extension, report results and perform exploratory testing on some sites. There will also be some time to just generally chat about the feature with the community via IRC Chat (channel #testday on irc://irc.mozilla.org). So, if you’re interested, come on by between 9 and 5 PM PDT that Friday!

How to Get Started

Read more about the feature here: http://www.basschouten.com/blog1.php/2009/11/22/direct2d-hardware-rendering-a-browser


1. Install the latest nightly from http://nightly.mozilla.org.  If you’re running a 64-bit Windows OS, please download and use the 32-bit version of Firefox for this testday.
2.  Install the test extension from http://bitbucket.org/jonallengriffin/grafxbot/downloads/grafxbot-0.1.13g.xpi.
3.  Launch the test extension using Tools -> GrafxBot and follow the on-screen instructions.

We’re also interested in feedback on fullscreen video.  To help out, visit http://www.html5video.org/demos/, play any of the video demos at normal size and full screen, and report any problems you might experience.

For Windows users only, if you’re interested in performing ad hoc testing of direct2d support, please enable d2d using these instructions (https://wiki.mozilla.org/QA/Firefox_3.next/TestPlan:Direct2D#How_to_Enable_D2D), and then interact with the browser in the following ways:

* scrolling large pages
* moving and resizing the firefox window, including while video is playing
* switching between tabs, including while video is playing in on or more of the tabs
* changing personas and themes
* playing with some of the demos at http://ie.microsoft.com/testdrive/Default.html


July 23, 2010
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