I have never…


I have never liked being in conflict, nor getting angry.  It’s amazing what huge amounts of stress does to a person.  Esp when people give unnecessary stress.

I found that my attitude was wrong though.  Oddly through a cartoon (anime):

“With that much hate towards a person, it would drive anyone insane… but he just kept smiling.”

Another thing that made me aware that I should stick things out here in California, is that as much as I miss my family and friends I came out here for a reason.

Perhaps I may be wrong, but I do strongly feel that there is something missing in the QA world and how things could be improved.  I agree with the poem that was made… if you’re satisfied with the status quo, you won’t make change.  You’ll only maintain things, and it’s so true that most common people are very resistant to change.  Even if they know that things that they do are not working well.  Because it’s familiar.  It’s the same thing that makes it hard for an abusee to leave an abuser.

“If you don’t love it when you encounter fierce resistance… you’re going to give up…  But if you truly love an idea that you’ll be convinced that the rest of the world is wrong and just watch me…”

The last thing that made me decide on some things is that I came to realize that I do have a chance at having some wonderful friends here in California that are very supportive.  This weekend a handful of them have helped me on my way to trying to purchase a house.


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