Preliminary Testday Survey Results

Anthony Hughes

Last month I launched a survey to help QA understand more about our community. To date, I’ve received 15 responses from the nearly 40 attendees. We will continue to run the survey through to the end of the year, however I wanted to share some preliminary findings.

  • 27% of our attendees are first-timers
  • 40% of our attendees try to come to every testday
  • 60% find out about testdays via blog (QMO or Planet)
  • 27% via newsgroups or mailing lists,
  • 0% via social networks
  • most attendees find the people the most enjoyable part of the testday
  • they enjoy being in the company of helpful people
  • they love the feeling of collaborating with those who are similarly impassioned
  • 73% of attendees are based in Europe
  • 27% of attendees are based in North America

I’ll refrain from making any judgements or conclusions from this data so far but I do think it is interesting.

Thanks everyone who has taken time to fill out the survey and for helping us during the testdays.