About:Quality First Edition

Anthony Hughes

Greetings Mozilla Community,

Welcome to the first edition of what is to become a bi-weekly newsletter of what is happening in Mozilla QA, where we need help, and how you can become involved.

Automation Services

Open Web Apps is going to be an exciting and important project for Mozilla. We are currently in the planning phase for testing and experimenting with frameworks like QUnit  and JS-Test-Driver. We will be setting up project pages so you can get involved, stay tuned for more details.

As this new team ramps up, we will need your help with several projects. To begin, we’ve started setting up resources so you can discover the ways you can become involved. The team has started to set up our team documentation, mailing list, and IRC channel. Please check them out and let us know that you want to help.

We are looking for a tool for web-driven collaborative class design; if you have a suggestion please contact us.


Coming up in November, we will be hosting a “Contribute to Mozilla” event at the Mozilla Festival in London. The purpose of this event is to have representatives from different Mozilla projects available to talk to contributors about how they can get involved in the Mozilla Project.  This is a wonderful opportunity to meet Mozillians from areas such as QA, SUMO, PR, MDN. More information will be coming soon for this exciting event.

We now have a video up on the Nightly First run page. The goal of the video is to show users how easily it is to contribute to Firefox by submitting crash reports, running the GrafxBot extension, and submitting input through the feedback mechanism. Another video will be coming shortly – stay tuned!

Marcia Knous and Owen Coutts have been collaborating on a Community Ambassador document. Stay tuned in the coming weeks as we would love to get your feedback.

QMO profiles now display your statistics from Bugzilla; this includes bugs opened, bugs confirmed, and bugs verified. If you’d like to know more about it, check out this blog post from Al Billings.

We’ll be having a testday next Friday for Firefox 7 Beta. This is an excellent opportunity to start getting involved for newcomers and experts alike. Stay tuned as details will be posted very shortly.


We released Firefox 6, Firefox 7 Beta 1, Firefox 8 Aurora, Firefox 9 Nightly, Firefox Mobile and Firefox 3.6.20. Thank you to everyone in the community who helped us test these releases. We are now on track to do another round of releases and merges in the next six weeks. If you’d like to help us test or simply learn what is involved with testing Firefox, come join us in #qa and ask us how you can help with Firefox 7, 8, or 9.

Browser Technologies

As of this week, the Sync Add-on will no longer be supported; you should update to Firefox 6 if you’ve not done so already. We deployed BrowserID (a secure, distributed, and easy to use identification system) to staging. If you’d like to help out with BrowserID, please join us in #qa and ask how you can become involved.  Firefox Home aka Pancake will be available soon. More information on these new technologies will be available very soon.

Web QA

On Friday, August 19th, we had a testday to get community help with fixing test failures with the new Add-ons website. If you have Selenium and Python skills, or are eager to learn, please stop by #mozwebqa or check out our contact page.

We’ve been fixing and adding tests for Socorro 2.3 and need your help developing search and data-integrity testcases.  If you’re interested, please take a look and visit us in #mozwebqa.

If you are looking for a fun activity, we recently launched Webify Me. Simply answer some questions to create a personalized visualization of your web.

What’s Next?

Expect to see these newsletters as a common occurrence every two Mondays. The next issue should arrive on Monday, August 29th.  As always, if you want to get involved, please join irc.mozilla.org #qa and ask away! We’re very grateful to Mozilla’s awesome community, and are always interested in ways we can improve engagement and collaboration — so let us know how if you have any questions or need help.