Input 3.5 – Updated Feedback Submission Pages for Firefox


Do you remember those super spiffy major release submission pages? If so, then you’ll also remember that they were taken down a month ago and replaced with the older beta submission methods. Well, we’ve done some spring cleaning to the happy, sad and idea submission pages. The submission method should feel fresher and seem cleaner than before. So, take a look!

What’s New

  • Upgraded Submission Pages – Our previous happy/sad/idea submission pages need some spring cleaning. What you’ll see now are cleaner and much easier to read submission pages and workflow that makes the feedback process even smoother!

This release wouldn’t be possible without the great work of Dave Dash, Chris Howse, Frederic Wenzel, James Long, Michael Kurze, Matthew Brandt, Dave Hunt and Justin Dow!

Finally, here’s a list of bugs fixed in this release.